Migraines, the silent enemy

Do you suffer from migraines that are affecting your quality of life? Did you know that these can be caused by a simple sleep disorder? In addition to severe headaches, there are tell-tale symptoms related to lack of sleep: Painful jaws when you wake up Difficulty opening your mouth when you wake up Sensitive or […]

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Easy tips to mitigate snoring

Do you snore so much that your family grinds their teeth in frustration? Snoring can be caused by sleep apnea, which may require medical and dental care. Here are a few tips to help you reduce snoring. Clear your nasal cavities before going to sleep: a warm shower, a nasal solution, and nasal strips sold […]

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The effects of snoring on you…and others

Did you know that snoring, which is bothersome for the entire household, can indicate obstructive sleep apnoea? When we sleep, our tongue and tissues at the back of the throat relax, partially blocking the air and vibrating when we breathe and causing us to snore! Certain conditions, such as pregnancy, being overweight, having very large […]

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Apnea isn’t so quiet

Did you know that apnea, a sleep disorder, can affect your overall health? Poor sleep can cause headaches and chronic fatigue, affect your work performance and, in serious cases, lead to health problems, such as hypertension, diabetes, gastric reflux, etc. More than 25% of Canadians have issues associated with a high risk of developing obstructive […]

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Protect your teeth against wear!

Whether you clench your teeth or you grind them, the result is the same: it wears the tooth enamel. Bruxism can appear at any age. As there is no curative treatment, the prevention of lesions to the bucco-facial structures is the main therapeutic objective. This motor activity is mostly unconscious, so pay attention to the […]

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Do you suffer from sleep apnea?

If you have sleep apnea, that means that air does not flow easily to your lungs. Several factors can cause sleep apnea: nasal congestion, obesity, the anatomy of your face, your jaw, etc. Sleep apnea can also aggravate other conditions, such as high blood pressure, depression and fatigue. If you think you or your partner […]

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Do migraines bother you?

Do you feel fresh and ready to go in the morning? Or are you uncomfortable because of a stiff neck, sensitive jaws and because you have difficulty opening your mouth when you wake up? Has it come to the point where you no longer pay attention because the discomfort has become the norm? If you […]

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