With a choice of 4 custom-fitted appliances, SomnoDent/SomnoMed advancement orthotics are worn during sleep and are fitted over the upper and lower teeth. They move the jaw slightly forward to keep the airway open and allow normal breathing during sleep. They are recommended for the treatment of snoring and mild-to-moderate apnea in patients 18 years of age or older whose teeth are not moving. All SomnoDent/SomnoMed appliances come with a three-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

In studies conducted by SomnoDent/SomnoMed, 91% of patients confirmed an improvement in the quality of their sleep. Contact us today for a consultation with budget, personalized treatment plan and follow-ups.

SomnoDent AvantTM

SomnoDent AvantTM

The latest device launched by SomnoDent, Avant is the first milled oral device with a soft liner for the treatment of mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. Small, thin and strong, Avant features a digital design that ensures a quality fit and finish. Its patented coating makes it easy to fit and a comfortable choice for patients.

SomnoDent FlexTM

Orthèses d’avancement Somnodent

SomnoDent Flex is made with a patented flexible polymer, called SMH BFlex, which is molecularly bonded to the acrylic of the appliance. Strong and durable, this polymer does not attract odors, an important plus for any oral appliance. Flex's soft inner lining provides optimal comfort and encourages the discipline of continuous wear, a key retention for treatment effectiveness. Flex adapts to your body type, whether you have short teeth, crowns, bridges, etc.

SomnoDent® ClassicTM

SomnoDent® ClassicTM

The great original innovation from SomnoMed, the Classic/Classic is the first personalized oral appliance of the brand. Its popularity continues to grow. Tested and manufactured according to FDA and ISO 13485 standards, the Classic is held in place by medical stainless steel ball clasps. It fits in the blink of an eye and its shape allows the patient more room for the tongue.

It is an orthotic held in place with medical stainless steel ball clasps. Its shape allows the patient to have more space for the tongue.

SomnoMed Morning Deprogrammer

Déprogrammeur du matin

The SomnoDent/SomnoMed range finally includes a "morning deprogrammer," an effective preventive tool that helps to avoid mandibular displacement. The unique design of this deprogrammer includes raised blocks of compressible material, which the patient places on the lower teeth and above the premolars upon awakening. Held in place for approximately 10 minutes, the deprogrammer allows the jaw to return to its centered position after a night of sleep. It is used in conjunction with an easy, personalized morning routine that targets isometric jaw exercises (such as clenching and chewing up and down) that activate and relax the muscles while repositioning the jaw in a centered manner.


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SomnoDent AvantTM - How to modify the advancement

SomnoDent FlexTM & ClassicTM - How to modify the advancement