If you suffer from bruxism or migraines, wearing an NTI-tss MD (nociceptive trigeminal inhibition tension suppression system) can help protect your teeth.

The nocturnal deprogrammer (or NTI appliance) is a mini occlusal plate that is worn on the front teeth during the night. It prevents you from clenching your teeth too hard and unconsciously contracting your chewing muscles while you sleep. Since this brace eliminates the dental occlusal surfaces, the clenching reflex is inhibited and almost eliminated. By working directly on the overly intense muscle contraction, the NTI-tss appliance addresses the source of your pain. Relief is often felt after a few days of use. Associated migraine symptoms often diminish and even disappear completely.

Deprogrammer or NTI system to relieve migraines and control bruxism

During a consultation to treat a migraine or bruxism problem, your dentist and/or sleep professional will recommend either a bite plate or a night deprogrammer, depending on your needs. Both are made of acrylic, custom-made and offer several benefits for the health of your teeth and oral-facial structures:

  • They absorb some of the muscle force from bruxism and clenching of the teeth,
  • They relax the muscles of the jaw to relieve tension,
  • They relieve the jaw joints (TMJ) and reduce pain,
  • They limit the premature wear of teeth and the progression of tooth and bone deterioration.
Déprogrammeur ou système NTI pour soulager les migraines et contrôler le bruxisme
Deprogrammer or NTI system to relieve migraines and control bruxism

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