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Migraines, the silent enemy

Published on 29 April 2022

Do you suffer from migraines that are affecting your quality of life? Did you know that these can be caused by a simple sleep disorder? In addition to severe headaches, there are tell-tale symptoms related to lack of sleep:

  • Painful jaws when you wake up
  • Difficulty opening your mouth when you wake up
  • Sensitive or worn teeth
  • Stiffness of the next
  • Muscle tension in the head region

The experts at Clinique Sommeil Santé and Dr. Lechner offer several proven and effective solutions. The NTI-tss system has provided relief to more than one and a half million patients around the world. This system requires no medication and has no side effects. It enables you to wear a patented appliance that keeps your teeth from clenching and protects them. This treatment works directly on the intense muscle contraction that occurs at night without your knowledge—and attacks the source of your pain. It provides relieve after only a few days of use and the symptoms, including migraines, gradually diminish in severity or fade away altogether. Why suffer when you can consult one of our experts and say goodbye to migraines?

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