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If you have sleep apnea, that means that air does not flow easily to your lungs. Several factors can cause sleep apnea: nasal congestion, obesity, the anatomy of your face, your jaw, etc. Sleep apnea can also aggravate other conditions, such as high blood pressure, depression and fatigue. If you think you or your partner […]

Do you feel fresh and ready to go in the morning? Or are you uncomfortable because of a stiff neck, sensitive jaws and because you have difficulty opening your mouth when you wake up? Has it come to the point where you no longer pay attention because the discomfort has become the norm? If you […]

Migraine or chronic headaches reduce your quality of life. Overactivity of your masticatory muscles may be the cause.

Characterized by frequent nighttime breathing disruptions and daytime fatigue, sleep apnea can lead to a number of health problems.

Bruxism is defined as the unconscious grinding of the teeth. People who suffer at night can wake up with headaches. This sleep disorder causes the wear of tooth enamel.

Snoring can affect the quality of your sleep and that of your family. This is a common problem that we can help you eliminate.

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Meet the founder and owner of Dr. Lechner Sleep Health Clinic. Mastering all aspects of general dentistry, Dr. Lechner developed an interest in sleep disorders and in neuromuscular dentistry.