Easy tips to mitigate snoring

Do you snore so much that your family grinds their teeth in frustration? Snoring can be caused by sleep apnea, which may require medical and dental care. Here are a few tips to help you reduce snoring.

  1. Clear your nasal cavities before going to sleep: a warm shower, a nasal solution, and nasal strips sold in pharmacies are all 100% natural means you can choose from.
  2. Sleep on the appropriate pillow, whether it is a special pillow for snorers, a support pillow for your back or a corner pillow that prevents rolling on your back while you sleep.
  3. Also consider losing weight. Excess fat around the neck and abdomen constricts the airways and can induce or worsen snoring.
  4. Avoid alcohol and cigarettes before going to sleep. They can irritate the throat and relax the muscles, preventing circulation of air in the respiratory tract.

If, despite taking all these measures, you keep snoring, consider visiting our Clinic for a dental health check-up.